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Metal Pro company has been founded  in 2001 and it is in 100% private ownership. We have machines and infrastructure for production of metal stamping parts. We are oriented to the production of stamping metal parts on the request and need of the buyer. Our stamping parts are used in different branches of industry: automobile, agriculture, building, other machines and components etc.

Distribution of Metal Pro products to the market of the EU has been 80% during the last years. Our goal is quality product, good price and exact delivery time.


We own 15pcs eccentric presses with the force between 10-160 tons. We produce metal stamping parts from metal sheets with the max. thickness of 10mm. The production is adapted to the deliveries in medium and small quantities or series.
Our production has the advantage in specific thicker products which aren’t produced in progresssive method of stamping. We prepare metal sheets with cutting on the shear machines to 3.000mm.
Annually we produce and deliver over 1.000.000 pcs of different stamping metal parts.


After production of metal stamping parts we can do the protection of the surface especially for :

  • phosphorisation
  • galvanizing
  • powder coating
  • hot zincing

Products can be packed separately or in group on EUR pallets.





All our products are treated with Vibrofinishing system which makes sure that the surface is clean and smooth without sharp edges. Process of Vibrofinishing is used for different abrasive media which provide the best conditions of fine grinding.
During grinding, particular emulsions are used and they make the process better.
After the Vibrofinishing, it is important to protect the surface from corrosion.



Cooperation with our partners fulfills the needs of making tools-moulds. Moulds are produced from the best quality material on the CNC machines. There is the possibility of making moulds for smaller quntities of stamping.
The buyer’s moulds can be accepted during the production.


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